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What is SEO “Search Engine Optimization”

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11. March 2019

What is Search Engine Optimization "SEO"

SEO: Definition and meaning

SEO is the work and practice that is worked on when one wants to increase the visibility of his site by improving his rankings in the search engines, in what is called the organic results or the unpaid results.
S.E.O is an English synonym which stands for Search Engine Optimization and in Danish Search Engine Optimization we also refer to it as SEO optimization.

The actual work of SEO is extensive and relates to many different aspects of a website:

Optimizing the structure of the site, HTML code, text content, inbound links (ie from other sites pointing to your site, called backlinks and outbound (from your site pointing to others).

Due to Google being the largest and probably the most used search engine in the world, most SEO improvements, surveys carried out by Google’s algorithm and their periodic updates as well as many other sources to improve its rankings in the organic results and retain its visitors.

This practice is diverse and involves various aspects of a site: optimizing the site structure, HTML code, textual content, inbound links (ie from other sites that point to your site, called backlinks and outbound (from your site pointing to others) .

As Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, most SEO activities relate to the study of Google’s algorithm and its periodic updates and the related actions to make sites more “welcome” to this algorithm.

SEO: Simplified and Explained

When we use a search engine and enter our query, we immediately expect to find the best results, ie the most relevant pages in relation to the search we have performed.

For example, if I was searching for “Deals on shoes”, I would not want to find the website for a dog boarding house in Roskilde. I would also like with my search to find more information about prices, opening hours, photos etc ..

Therefore, working with SEO is also a job of optimizing the content of your website, and creating rich and relevant content, with images, video and everything else that creates relevance in relation to the user’s query in the search engine, which contains the words “keywords” or sentences that we want to be found on.

There is also a very important job in creating links to its website, the web pages that have many links that point to it, often experience a lot of traffic, you can see links as our paths that lead us to the places we want to go .

By getting websites that are relevant in relation to us to link to us, a better experience is created for the user who clicked on to us, therefore it is important to get good and relevant websites to link to us.


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