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What is link building?

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11. March 2019

Linkbuilding is one of the most important factors in terms of getting good rankings in Google and therefore you need to get started with link building which is the process where you get and or buy links to your website from other sites, a hyperlink (usually just called a link) is the way users navigate between pages on the internet, and is a big part of the reason why we have search engines today, you probably know GOOGLE their index / archive is made up of pages that they have followed the links to find more pages for their index / archive which you can search through today via their search engine.

There are many techniques to build links on, and although they vary in severity, many SEO ninjas will say that link building is one of the most difficult aspects when working with SEO.

When building SEO on a website, link building is one of the most time consuming aspects of optimization in addition to OnPage optimization which is an important part of a good SEO.

What does link building cover?

Work on creating inks from other websites for your website – and building an effective and natural link profile.

Does link building work?
Yes, it does! Inbound links are a crucial factor for good rankings in Google in 2019!

What does link building cost?

It depends a lot on what media you want links from and how big the competition is, on what you want to be visible on.

– It is free and without obligation to get an offer from us!

Types of link building

Linkbuilding can be divided into several subcategories, and the first 2 are the most important. The most important, however, is the first.

External link building

Here we are talking about creating links from other websites to its own website, it is important that these links are relevant, ie that the pages from which the link is made are relevant in relation to the topic on your website.

In the examples below, we have taken as a starting point that you run a company within plumbing work.

  • The good link

A really good link could be from which has a high DR of 64, and works with sales of plumbing articles to craftsmen and at the same time has great relevance in relation to your work area.

  • The bad link

A bad link would be from which sells shoes and has a DR of 17 and has no relevance in relation to your work area.

Internal link building

Is about creating a good internal structure on links between the individual subpages that make sense to the users.

Outbound link building

Is about linking from your own website to other websites that are relevant, so you help your users for even more information.

How to get links?

There are many methods to get inbound links to your website, but it is not always easy to get high quality links, but if you are creative and have the courage to get the right links, you have good chances that it can end up in a really good link building.

It is most optimal to have a varied link profile, ie several different links of high and low quality to create the most natural link profile, it can be dangerous to acquire too many links in a short time and at the same time only high quality links, this will in Google’s robot eyes do not seem natural, so by having a natural link profile with mixed links of different quality, you do your best to avoid that Google in particular punishes you for your hard work.

  • Natural links

When we talk about natural links, it is about people of their own volition having chosen to link to just your website, it may be because you have a service that people find useful and want to share with others who have the same needs, it can also be because you are creating some really good content that people find exciting and enjoy reading and think it is so good that it is worth sharing with others who have the same interests.

  • Network and provider links

If you have a good network or partners from whom you buy products and or services, these can be some of the easiest and strongest links you can get. For example, if you run a webshop, you will probably sell products from an external brand, here It is not inconceivable that by contacting your supplier, they will be interested in linking to your website, as they are interested in having more of their products sold and by linking to you, this creates a greater opportunity for both you but also for your supplier. Your network can include suppliers, customers, partners and it can also be you support others through sponsorships, here there are obvious opportunities for you to get strong and natural links to your website.

  • “Swap” your content for links

You can also choose to create really strong content based on the knowledge you have within a specific topic and address websites / blogs you might have an interest in presenting your content to their users, thereby creating a strong link to your website based on content that you have generated yourself and the website that publishes your content will give their readers even more content and the opportunity for more keywords in their organic results. So when you have created some really strong content and you are satisfied and ready to get it online, you need to start outreach, so get in touch with relevant pages and get them convinced that they should publish your content with an associated link to your website, it is not easy, but many websites are interested in content as they can save time in writing the content and if you deliver high quality, it may well be you will be offered to get more content on the website.

  • Create press coverage

Another option which is in the same ballpark as “Swap” your content for links, we have press work, it can be a highly effective link building strategy, here you have the opportunity to come out with a message that is positively angled on your company, and online media are mostly real strong and credible domains. But your press strategy is very much about whether you are a small company or one of the big players in the market, you have a recognized brand and the right story you can get out in the nationwide media and end up with to get a really strong link, you are a small business, there is certainly no need to give up in advance, it can be significantly easier to get your story brought in the smaller media, the smaller and local media have less money to work with and therefore also means that the interest in your particular interest could have really great value, this also applies even if you are an unknown company, you have to keep in mind that the story you come up with you actually sever for the medium on a silverware and it does not cost the medium money. It does not have to be a piece of revolutionary news for you to get your story brought, it could be you had success in a particular field, or that you are going to expand the business m.m. the most important thing is that people could be interested in reading your story. If you succeed in getting your story published in a local media, you will get local publicity, but we are also looking to get a link to our website, so remember to ask if you can get a link added to the story, as it can also benefit readers as it provides an opportunity to read more about the topic.

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